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Issuance of Form 16 to Employees


Employers provide their workers with Form 16 as a credential. It confirms that the TDS was taken from the employee of the organization and deposited with the appropriate government authorities.

The salary paid to the employees and the TDS deductions are broken down in detail on Form 16 for your reference. TDS Everything a person needs to prepare and submit their income tax return is contained in Form 16.

As soon as possible following the fiscal year in which the tax is withheld, on or before June 15 of each year, the employers must issue a Salary TDS certificate. Form 16 Part A and Part B are divided into two parts. A lost Form 16 can be replaced by asking the employer for a new one.


Online TDS compliance management is possible with Account Kart. Our TDS experts will assist you with filing all TDS returns, making any overdue TDS deposits, and providing Form 16 to the employees.


16 Form's Structure

Form 16 Part A,

  • Details about the TDS that is taken out and deposited are provided. The TRACES interface allows employers to create this form.

  • Before granting the certificate, the employer must check its contents. The parts of the salary TDS certificate that make up Part A are listed below.

  • The employer's name,  address, TAN, and PAN of the employer and employee

  • An employer-certified summary of tax withheld and deposited on a quarterly basis.


The Form 16 Part B,

  • Which is an annexure to Part A and is created by the company for its employees, contains information on how the salary deductions authorized by Chapter VI-A are broken down. Both employers should obtain Form 16 in the event of a change in employment within one fiscal year. Part B includes, among other things:

  • Specific salary breakdown

  • Detailed breakdown of Section 10 deductions that are free from tax under the Income Tax Act (Under Chapter VIA)


Following is a list of deductions.

  • Section 80C deductions for contributions to PPF, paid life insurance premiums, etc.

  • Deduction for pension fund contributions under Section 80CC

  • Deduction for an employee's pension plan contributions under Section 80 CCD (1)

  • Taxpayer self-contribution to a notified pension plan is deductible under Section 80 CCD (1B)

  • Section 80CCD deduction for employer contributions to a pension plan (2)

  •  The Section 80D deduction for medical expenses

  • Interest paid on loans put out for higher education may be deducted under Section 80E.

  • Deduction for gifts made in accordance with Section 80G

  • Deduction under Section 80TTA for interest income on savings accounts


Salary TDS


The TDS is calculated based on the income tax rates that are applicable for the fiscal year in which the employee's payment is made. Based on any modifications to the previous shortfall or excess deduction, the person who is responsible for paying the taxes may increase or decrease the amount that is deducted.


The following factors will impact how much TDS are issued overall:

  • House rate allowance is the maximum exemption.

  • Perquisites: Leave Encashment

  • Allowances Notified: Employee Donation under Section 80G

  • Exemption maximum: Other deductions

  • Bonuses or incentives for leaving

  • Known Allowances: Salary Prediction


If a person works for more than one employer during a fiscal year, tax will be withheld by one of the employers, which the employee selects by providing information on Form 12B, from the employee's combined wage.


A worker must provide information on Form 12 B to one of his employers if he works for more than one employer within a financial year. Once Form 12B is submitted, the employer is required to deduct TDS.


Employers' tax payments to the government

The employer must deposit the tax withheld from the employees' pay checks along with an income tax challan ITNS 281 on or before the seventh of every month for the previous month.

All corporate assesses and assesses who are subject to tax audit must now pay all TDS through an internet banking facility starting in 2008.

The account of any other person may be used by an assessed to pay taxes. Nevertheless, the challan for payment should include the PAN of the   assesses for whom the payment is being made.


Due date for employers to submit TDS returns

Every quarter, the following TDS return must be submitted to the government:

Quarter the deadlines for submitting the TDS return

  • During the months of April, May, and June: July 31.

  • During July, August, and September: October 31

  • November through March: January 31st

  • Months of January, February, and March: May 31st


TDS Return's Annexure II, dated May 31

Employers are required to include information on the employee, as well as the amount of TDS that was deducted and deposited, in the TDS return they submitted on May 31st. A variety of data elements are included in Annexure-II of the TDS return, which the company's accountant and human resources department must properly compile.


Employees receive Form 16s

The government would issue TDS certificates to the employer after the TDS returns were submitted by the employer, and the employees would then get these certificates.

TDS from pay information is provided in Form 16A. Form 16B outlines TDS in detail Form 16C for TDS under Section 194-IB, Form 16A for TDS from sources other than salary, and Form 27D for TCS are the appropriate forms to use.

The deadline for submitting Form 16 is June 15 of the fiscal year that comes just after the fiscal year in which the tax is deducted. The same Form 16A should be distributed every three months.


FAQs Regarding Form 16 Issuance


1. Is it necessary for employees to file Form 16?

It is required that you provide Form 16 to the employee if you are the employer.


2. What significance does Form 16 have?

When a company withholds taxes from an employee's salary, they must provide Form 16 to the salaried workers. This document serves as an acknowledgment that the tax deduction has been deposited with the Income Tax Department.


3. How much would it cost to get Form 16?

Within 15 days of submitting their fourth-quarter TDS returns, employers must issue Form 16/16A to the employee.


4. What happens if the employer refuses to provide Form 16?

The minimum fine that the employer must pay for each day the default persists is Rs 100 if Form 16 is not provided after TDS has been deducted.


5. How may Form 16 for Salary be downloaded?

The employer can download Form 16 from the TRACES portal before providing it to the employee.


6. Can Form 16 is found online?

You can download Form 16 from the Income Tax Department's online website. This form, which the employer normally issues for the current fiscal year, shows the total earnings and the applicable income taxes.


7. Is Form 16 generated if TDS is not taken out?

When filing their TDS forms, the employer is obligated to include the pay information of each employee, even if there is no TDS deduction. As a result, the system-generated Form 16 is given to the workers.


8. What is the required starting pay to obtain Form 16?

If the gross total income is greater than Rs 2.5 lakhs, any salaried person who is subject to taxation is eligible for Form 16. Taxes must be paid, and Form 16 is available to you.


9. Is Form 16 required when submitting a tax return?

The most crucial filer's tool for filing an income tax return is Form 16. Form 16 contains information on the pay received, the home's value, additional sources of income, deductions, and taxes paid or deducted. As a result, Form 16 is required in order to file an income tax return.


10. How can the deductions on Form 16 be verified?

One may see in Part A the taxes withheld from the monthly salary. It can be compared with the pay stubs. The CAs advice comparing the information on deducted taxes reported in Part -A of Form 16 with Form 26 AS.


11. Where can I receive Form 16?

The employer is where you can get Form 16. Even if you are no longer employed by the firm, they will still give you a Form 16. Downloading this Form 16 is not possible.


12. What should I do if I don't have a Form 16?

Since Form 16 is not a crucial document, you can still file income tax returns without it.


13. Is the employer required to provide a Form 16 in the event that there is no TDS?

A TDS Certificate on Form 16 is produced once the TDS has been subtracted. The employer cannot provide a Form 16 if TDS has not been withheld by the employer.


14. What happens if the employer has taken TDS but hasn't provided Form 16?

The Income Tax Act mandates that any individual who is deducting TDS must provide a certificate including information on the TDS that is being withheld and submitted. Mandatory requirements state that the employer must provide a certificate in Form 16 format.


15. What occurs if Form 16 is not completed properly?

If a mistake appears on a Form 16, the employer will, upon your request, correct it. Again, the employer will provide an updated form.


16. How do Form 16 and an income tax return differ from one another?

Form 16 is not an income tax return because it only contains information about salary income. Additionally, Form 16 does not have to be submitted with the income tax return.


17. How does Form 16 compare to Form 60?

Form 60 is a declaration submitted by a person who does not have a PAN, whereas Form 16 is an income certificate given to an employee by their company.

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