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Our accounts payable services are targeted at completely automating the processes of document management, transaction management, exception resolution, duplicate removal, and disbursement-related services in order to revolutionise our customers' entire payment activity.


Without making any investments in either, or having to purchase and maintain pricey software, we give you the benefits of modern technology and knowledgeable personnel. We offer industry best practises, such as Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, which eliminate disparities and improve financial control, ultimately resulting in increased profitability.



Receipt and handling of  all payables paperwork on paper. It consists of:

  • Sorting

  • Preparing in bulk

  • Scanning

  • Indexing of records

  • Retrieval and archiving of documents

  • Handling incoming mail and processing it

  • Scanned invoices are subject to review and reconciliation.

  • 100% accessibility to scanned invoices



Transactions that are exceptions are resolved and managed proactively. It consists of:

  • Routing for authorization and exceptions

  • Process for closing the month more quickly

  • Audit trail with evidence



The following audit and control procedures enhance recovery and reclamation by removing the possibility of duplicate payments:

  • Both manual and automatic data entry

  • Databases that match three ways

  • Processing invoices digitally



Complete payments in a timely manner to cut down on customers' floating costs.

  • Checks are printed and distributed.

  • Protected check stock upkeep

  • Check-proofing online

  • Return check management

  • Processing electronic payments

  • Processing of special invoice mail



We also offer accounts payable reports, utility bill administration, processing for travel and costs, tax reporting, supplier management, special project reports, and customer assistance as part of our   services for accounts payable.




Invoice Receipt

Receipt of invoices from customers, both in paper copy and electronically.


Data and Image Capture

All files are stored as images, and you can examine all invoice images.


Procedure and Path

Documents for invoices are handled in accordance with business norms that have been previously agreed upon with the client. For final approval and resolution, invoices are forwarded to the appropriate client executives.



The standard interfaces on all accounting platforms are used to upload an approved invoice to the customer's A/P system for payment.



The invoices are subsequently "normally" posted to the general ledger. Moreover, we carry out disbursements.



Both the hard copies and the digital photos are searchable online and kept in our facility.



Manage all essential accounts receivable tasks in a seamless and efficient manner to keep your company healthy and thriving.

With the help of our services, customers may manage important financial tasks that have an impact on cash flow and are crucial to keeping a healthy and successful company. Our services allow quicker payments and better cash flow by enabling our customers to take a more active role in managing each account through constant follow-up on unpaid invoices and thorough

reporting on account activities.

With the opportunity to all or a portion of their operations to us, we offer a broad range of accounting services to our international clients. Save time and money by letting us manage your accounts accurately and effectively.


We Provide Accounts Receivable Outsourcing Services

Customers in the UK and the USA are among the many people we serve across the world. We provide a wide variety of end-to-end solutions, such as:


Services for Real Estate AR

In order to assist   client’s   process payments more quickly, improve cash flow, and better manage debtors, we offer end-to-end accounts receivable services to the real estate sector globally.


Services for Factoring Accounts Receivable

We assist businesses sell delinquent invoices for cash through our accounts receivable factoring services. These services are provided with the highest degree of accuracy, promptness, and cost-efficiency.


Services for Producing Aging Reports on Accounts Receivable

We assist clients with the preparation of a wide variety of accounts receivable ageing reports, categorising the data according to how long an invoice has been past due.

  • After receiving customer approval, prepare and mail the invoice.

  • Revenue should be tracked and reported.

  • Preparing and sending periodic statements Entering receivable transactions into the accounting system

  • The issuance of credit memos and refund checks that the customer has approved

  • Keeping the subsidiary receivables ledger current

  • Executing process modifications that the customer has approved

  • Reconciling short payouts and crediting funds received to customer accounts

  • Reporting and management services for AR deductions


What Are the Benefits of Receivables Management Services for Your Cash Position?

It's simple to get paid on time and develop enduring relationships with customers when you uphold high standards of data hygiene. Due to the requirement for fast invoice and purchase order verification, accounts receivable management assures data hygiene. To ensure quick invoice distribution and follow-up, we offer tailored solutions for AR management. In order to reduce credit risks, our qualified and experienced financial professionals and A/R clerks make sure you get paid on time.

We help you develop a centralized system to manage customer communication because controlling your accounts receivables is a continuous activity. By eliminating any room for billing or payment lapses, this eliminates uncertainty and promotes a straightforward billing approach. Our AR services will help you establish excellent payment procedures, monitor bills, and take control of your cash flow.


Why Is Our Company The Preferred Accounts Receivable Company?

When our clients choose us to handle their accounts receivable, they can benefit from the following:


Security of Data

Here, we adhere to global best practices for data protection and take data security extremely seriously. Moreover, we have ISO/IEC 27001:2013 ISMS certification.


Exceptional Infrastructure

We have access to facilities with an international level of infrastructure and continuous network connectivity, and we operate out of first-rate office premises.


Excellent Services

We deliver great services that are consistently correct.


Time to Complete

Our commitment to offering our AR services as quickly as we can is unwavering.


Use of cutting-edge software

To deliver our exact AR services, we only make use of the best technological tools available today that are also completely legal.


Seasoned group

Our crew is committed to providing only the best AR services and has years of experience.


Pricing that is reasonable

We offer our augmented reality (AR) services at incredibly low costs without sacrificing quality.


Profit from Our Receivables Services for Small Businesses

As a leading provider of accounts receivable management services, we offer specialized account handling packages. Using the customer's customer relationship strategy, we build an inbound and outbound plan for controlling their receivables.

  • Our customer service staff members have received training in how to effectively handle and resolve client complaints and discrepancies. Constant observation guarantees that every account is handled expertly.

  • We use effective programmers for enhancing quality, like TQM, to achieve ongoing progress.

  • Security and accuracy are given the utmost priority by us.

CA Muthu who is Qualified Chartered Accountant is the founder of the company. He has designed this digital CA firm to overcome the major issues faced by client from traditional CA firms. His vision is to provide clients with Quality Services and Quality Consultations.


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