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Refunds and Cancellation

Please take your time reading our policy. This is's Return and Refund Policy.


1.1 Any significant modifications made to an order by the Client after the contract has been signed allow AccountKart. to either alter the advertised price and/or the period of delivery or refuse to execute the order. In the latter scenario, the Client is obligated to pay for the service already completed.

1.2 If the Client cancels an order, AccountKart is entitled to reimbursement for any work previously completed for that order, as well as compensation for hours spent on research for the balance of the contract. AccountKart will make the completed work accessible to the Client upon request, but will assume no responsibility for its quality.

1.3 If AccountKart has reserved time for the order's execution, it may charge the Client 50% of the cost for the portion of the work that has not been completed.

1.4 Quoted pricing apply solely to services that meet agreed-upon standards.

1.5 AccountKart shall be entitled to increase the agreed price if it is forced to perform more work or incur more costs than could reasonably have been anticipated at the contract's conclusion, for example, due to working with very difficult or unclear specifications, or faulty files or computer programmes supplied by the Client. This is not a complete list of instances.

1.6 Payment for services provided under the contract is payable before to the start of work or, if AccountKart agrees, in staged payments for bulk material (or within any other term fixed by AccountKart in writing). Payment shall be made in the currency invoiced, net and in full, without any discount, set-off, or suspension. If payment is not received by the due date, the Client will be in default – immediately and without the need for a notice of default – and will be obligated to pay the statutory interest on the invoice amount from the due date until complete settlement.


2.1 If the Client has any complaints concerning the service provided by AccountKart, these must be sent in writing as soon as possible, but no later than 10 days after obtaining the service. The filing of a complaint does not relieve the Client of its responsibility to pay.

2.2 If no complaints are submitted within the specified time frame, the service is believed to have been completely accepted, and AccountKart will only act on complaints if it deems it necessary. AccountKart modifying any portion of the project, including translated or modified content, at the Client's request is not an admission by AccountKart of having provided a subpar service.

2.3 If a legitimate complaint is received, AccountKart. will be given a fair amount of time to modify or replace the service. If AccountKart. cannot reasonably be anticipated to provide the necessary modifications or substitutions, it may offer a discount to the Client.

2.4 The Client's right to complain shall expire if the Client has modified or hired others to modify the portion or parts of the service in question, regardless of whether the service was later delivered to a third party or not.

If you have any problems with our services or consultations, we urge that you contact us for help.

Please contact us if you have any queries regarding our Returns and Refunds Policy:

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